OPTIMA® analyzers continuously measure the O2%, temperature, pressure, CO (indirect) and CO2% (indirect) present inside any industrial furnace or boiler. Likewise, we have other analyzers such as OPTIMA® RH for the measurement of temperature and relative humidity in drying processes (Tª <200ºC) or the OPTIMA® XP analyzers for the measurement of chimney particles.

They are all NON-EXTRACTIVE analyzers with working temperature ranges between 50ºC and 1,550ºC, so there is no possibility of signal falsification, plugging in the sample taking, in-line condensate problems, conditioning of samples, etc.

The implantation of the OPTIMA® analyzers is very simple since it only requires their introduction inside the hot chamber. The analyzer does not perform any sampling or purging. It is simply the measurement cell that, when inserted into the hot chamber, analyzes the composition of the gases in real time.

The analyzers can be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on each application. We have a wide range of supports and protective barriers for mounting the equipment. The retransmission of the signals is carried out by means of shielded hoses and low impedance connectors so that the existence of electrical noise does not affect the measurements.

OPTIMA® analyzers are resistant to mechanical and thermal shock, being made with the highest quality materials. This equipment requires low maintenance, with only annual cleaning and certification recommended. All equipment is served with its corresponding quality certificate.