The SAD50 software allows real-time graphing of the measurements taken by the OPTIMA® / BLUESKY® analyzers. With these measures, the Client can conveniently regulate the different variables which intervene in the firing process (air / gas pressure in burners, general combustion air fan, chimney fans for fume aspiration, direct and indirect cooling, final cooling, etc.).

SAD50 includes an 8” or 15” color touch terminal, depending on model. It displays the values for O2%, temperature, static pressure, CO2%*, CO-ppm*, particles*, relative humidity*, energy efficiency*, lambda factor* or any other external variable of the process. All measurements can be calibrated from the interface by the user.

In addition, it also presents synoptic graphs of the furnace, trend curves, historical data, reports, alarms, etc. and it has a USB connection that allows the recording in a spreadsheet of all the data obtained during a chosen period.

Optionally, the SAD50 software can be viewed on a remote computer.