Spare Parts

The OPTIMA® system has been conceived as a modular unit, in such a way that it allows the replacement or expansion of any of its components, making it a very versatile unit. The system consists of the OPTIMA® analyzers as measurement elements, the DATATRACKER control units as field equipment for the display and retransmission of measurements, and the SAD50 software as a monitoring and display instrument.

Our analyzers, as well as the rest of the components of the OPTIMA® System are self -manufactured, which means that the delivery times are practically immediate and that, in the event of a failure, they are repaired in our facilities in less than 72 hours.

The most common spare parts for the OPTIMA® System are detailed below:

  • OPTIMA® Analyzer: internal / external electrode, ZrO2 sensor, protection tube (aluminium, inconel, zirconium oxide, CSi, etc.), thermocouple (K, S, B or R), pressure gauge, bead, etc.
  • XAR box: peristaltic reference / cleaning air pumps, flowmeters, conditioning equipment, filters, etc.
  • DATATRACKER switchboards: analog input / output cards, digital input / output cards, fans, graphic displays, input air filters, shielded signal cables, pneumatic hose, etc.

All the aforementioned spare parts are in stock at our facilities. For the request of any spare part.