and Pyrometric

OXYCOMB Sistemas manufactures and sells all kinds of Pt-100 temperature sensors, thermocouples and pyrometric rods. All the pyrometric products are manufactured to order and minimum delivery deadlines are guaranteed.

The type of thermocouple employed depends on the working temperature. The most common are type K (Temp. < 1,000ºC) and type S (Temp.> 1,000ºC). Some special applications also make use of thermocouple type B or R.

The protective shields of the pyrometric rods are usually made of aluminium, refractory steel or Inconel. These can be made in different qualities depending on the working conditions of each application.

The type of head (DIN-A, DIN-B or quick), the process connection thread (1/4”, ½”) or the connector type (normal, quick, etc.) are available for our clients in accordance with their needs.

There are also thermocouples and cable sensors for portable equipment, Datapack systems and special applications.

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