BLUESKY® oxygen analyzers continuously measure the O2%, pressure, CO (indirect) and CO2% (indirect) of gases present inside chimneys and / or emission sources.

These are NON-EXTRACTIVE analyzers with a working temperature range between 50ºC and 600ºC (maximum up to 800ºC). Its implementation is very simple since it only requires the introduction of the sampling lance, integrated with the analyzer, in the gas stream. The analyzer exposed to the gas stream analyzes its composition in real time.

Manufactured with the highest quality materials, the BLUESKY® analyzers can be installed both indoors and outdoors and in a horizontal or vertical position, depending on the specifications of each application (temperature, direction of gas flow, etc.).

The retransmission of the measurements to the DATATRACKER control unit for the display and retransmission of measurements is carried out using screened hoses and protected from both the external and industrial environment.

This equipment requires low maintenance, with only an annual certification from our SAT being recommended. All BLUESKY® oxygen analyzers are supplied with their corresponding quality and calibration certificate.