OXYCOMB Sistemas supplies its clients with technology solutions for the monitoring of combustion atmospheres in any type of kiln, dryer or boiler.

Our working philosophy is based on ongoing improvement and our strong commitment to R&D and Innovation, which means our clients can rely on us to monitor, adapt, and control their combustion processes. To this end, we place the following equipment at their disposal:

  • OPTIMA System for the continuous analysis and monitoring of combustion atmospheres in high temperature thermal processes (Temp > 600ºC).
  • BLUESKY® analyzers for the continuous analysis and control of atmospheres in low temperature thermal processes (Temp < 800ºC).
  • Spare parts and components of the OPTIMA® and BLUESKY® System.
  • Multi-gas extractive systems for monitoring emissions in chimneys.
  • Thermocouples, pyrometric rods and temperature sensors.

Products manufactured and sold by OXYCOMB Sistemas have a minimum guarantee of 12 months. They are all assembled and tested on our premises before being sent to our clients.

Moreover, at OXYCOMB Sistemas, we also aim to provide technology consultancy for our clients. To this end, we place the following services at your disposal:

  • Technical advice on the installation of technology solutions for energy savings and efficiency.
  • Installation and rollout of all our monitoring equipment.
  • Integrated maintenance of installations including Preventive and/or Corrective maintenance, according to needs.
  • Annual cleaning and certifications of installed systems in the plant.
  • Technical assistance service and 24hr client services.
  • Execution of temperature profiles for the thermal analysis of processes
  • Quality control and consumption monitoring.
  • Training courses.
  • Processing and management in order to obtain the public Grants and Subsidies in existence.