In today's market where energy costs represent more than 40% of production costs, optimizing energy resources is essential for companies' competitiveness.

OXYCOMB Sistemas demonstrates every day to its Clients how to obtain high energy savings with simple control equipment, lengthening the durability of its facilities and improving the quality of its products.

The great versatility in the industrial application of our technology allows us to adapt our systems to any type of furnace or boiler. This means that at OXYCOMB Sistemas we do not depend on a specific sector or a specific client. Wherever there is combustion it can be measured, controlled and optimized.

In general, our solutions are applied in industries as diverse as ceramics, glass and ceramic frits, biomass, chemistry, heat treatment of steels, steel, incineration / cremation, steam boilers, refining, etc.

This differentiating fact has allowed OXYCOMB Sistemas to be an important leader in the manufacture of equipment for the control of combustion atmospheres and a benchmark company internationally with facilities in Italy, France, Portugal, Belgium, England, Russia, Bolivia, Peru , Brazil, etc.