OXYCOMB Sistemas is the foremost Spanish company working in the manufacture of O2 analyzers for monitoring atmospheres in industrial combustion processes.

At OXYCOMB Sistemas we develop and manufacture a wide range of analyzers for multiple industrial applications.

OPTIMA® Analyzers: OPTIMA® analyzers represent the best technology available for on-site and continuous measurement of O2%, temperature, pressure, CO2% ind. and CO present in combustion processes between 550ºC and 1,550ºC.

These analyzers provide significant energy savings in industrial kilns, dryers and boilers, as well as notable improvements in the quality of the final product through careful control of the oxidizing or reducing nature of the atmospheres.

BLUESKY® Analyzers: BLUESKY® analyzers are the most appropriate tool to control O2%, temperature, pressure, CO2% ind, CO, relative humidity and particles in atmospheric emissions from chimneys or combustion chambers at temperatures below 500ºC.

BLUESKY® analyzers allow our clients to carry out continuous self-control measurements of channeled emissions required in Integrated Environmental Authorizations (IEA).

Its implementation is essential in multiple sectors: ceramic, tile, glass, biomass, thermal, steel / metallurgical, aluminum, refining, incineration / cremation, etc.

Hand in hand with our Clients, OXYCOMB Sistemas has positioned itself as the leading company in the development of new technologies for the analysis, control and improvement of combustion processes and the environment.