MARAZZI-IBERIA strengthens its links with OXYCOMB Sistemas.   


Marazzi Iberia, a Spanish subsidiary of the Italian group Marazzi, has just installed a new OPTIMA® System for another of its ceramic kilns in one of its plants located in Castellón. With this installation, and this one is the third, Marazzi consolidates its trust in OXYCOMB Sistemas and further strengthens the relationship between both parties and all it thanks to the good results obtained with its 2 previous installations of our OPTIMA® System for the control ...

OXYCOMB Sistemas awaits you at its stand at the Tecnargilla 2018 fair   


As already announced a few months ago, OXYCOMB Sistemas will attend the Tecnargilla 2018 fair next week and will do so as an exhibitor whose stand will be located in the new Greentech pavilion (A3- Stand 191). <<<Tecnargilla Exhibition, international reference fair of machinery and supplies for the ceramic industry, will be held in the city of Rimini (Italy) from September 24 to 28 and will debut the new pavilion "GreenTech", an area specialized in environmental ...

OXYCOMB installs 3 new OPTIMA® Systems in Titanium Kilns by Barbieri & Tarozzi   


Thanks to their close relationship, OXYCOMB Sistemas and SITI-BT Group closed an agreement last month for the installation of 3 new equipment for continuous control of O 2 % and pressure in their new Titanium kilns. Barbieri & Tarozzi will install our OPTIMA ® Systems in its new kilns for the Latin American, European and Asian markets and thereby demonstrate the importance of optimizing, regulating and exhaustively controlling the ceramic firing process.

MULTICERAME achieves great savings with the help of OXYCOMB Sistemas   


MULTICERAME, a leading company specializing in the production and marketing of high-end ceramic tiles in our neighboring country of Morocco, has once again relied on OXYCOMB Sistemas for the fourth time in a row, to improve the quality of its products and achieve greater energy efficiency .

The agreement between MULTICERAME and OXYCOMB Sistemas was closed through our partner GRINS and thanks to the installation of an OPTIMA ® System in one its kilns, they ...

HERMANOS LLANSOLA trusts in OXYCOMB Sistemas again.   


HERMANOS LLANSOLA, S.L., specializing in the manufacture of ceramic bisque and special pieces in red paste, white paste, stoneware and porcelain installs another OPTIMA ® System to control the oxygen and pressure in its second kiln.

Thanks to the good results obtained with the installation of the OPTIMA ® System in its first kiln, HERMANOS LLANSOLA once again relies on our equipment in its search for energy saving and quality control of its products as ...

EXAGRES searches for a more exhaustive in the quality control of its products and decides to install a second OPTIMA® System   


EXAGRES S.A, company dedicated to the manufacture, design and commercialization of tiles and special pieces of extruded ceramics, has as main objective the customer satisfaction taking care of the fulfillment of its quality standards and for that it decides to trust again in our OPTIMA ® System.

After the good results harvested with the previous installation of the OPTIMA ® System in a first kiln, EXAGRES decides to return to the hands of OXYCOMB Sistemas ...

ADEX S.L. Relies on OXYCOMB Sistemas to control the atmosphere of one its kilns   


ADEX S.L., one of the oldest factories in the ceramic industry and characterized by its artisanal design, style and quality ; has just installed OTPIMA SYSTEM ® for the continuous control of the oxygen and pressure in one of its kilns at its plant located in Paterna (Valencia). ADEX, which has a long ceramic tradition since 1897, joins the 4.0 industry and decides to rely on OXYCOMB Sistemas for the measurement and atmosphere control to improve ...

Oxycomb Sistemas present in the new pavilion 'GreenTech' that will debut Tecnargilla 2018   


Tecnargilla 2018, international reference fair of machinery and supplies for the ceramic industry, will be held in the city of Rimini (Italy) from September 24 to 28 and will debut the new pavilion "GreenTech", an area specialized in environmental innovation, thus expanding its offer along with other existing areas: "Claytech", "Kromatech", "T-Finishing" and "T-White". "GreenTech" will be dedicated to all existing technologies and products capable of reducing consumption and emissions, as well as improving the performance ...



The concept of Industry 4.0 corresponds to a new methodology of organizing the means of production. The objective to be achieved is the implementation of a large number of "smart factories" capable of obtaining greater adaptability to the needs and production processes, as well as increasing the quantity and quality of production with a much lower cost, energy saving and being more energetically efficient. With this new concept, the control, analysis and the optimization of the ...

New OPTIMA® systems in three SACMI kilns of EQUIPE Cerámicas.   


OXYCOMB Sistemas installed three new OPTIMA® Systems for continuous pressure control a few months ago. With this system there are already 5 kilns equipped with atmosphere control in EQUIPE Cerámicas. EQUIPE Cerámicas continues to rely on our OPTIMA® analyzers and from OXYCOMB Sistemas we thank them for the trusting us once again.

Design, Engineering and Supply of a "turnkey contract” for continuous monitoring of emissions   


ALUMASA, a Spanish family company dedicated to the continuous coil coating of aluminum, reaches an agreement with OXYCOMB Sistemas for the installation of a continuous monitoring system for emissions at its Villafranca de los Barros plant. Its policy of constant expansion, the effort of its team, its commitment to the environment and the continuous improvement of its processes to offer the best quality and service, have led ALUMASA to launch a hot rolling line. If your integrated ...

New OPTIMA® system installed in a ceramic kiln of special pieces and small format.   


OXYCOMB Sistemas continues to export and enters fully into the Maghreb   


OXYCOMB Sistemas continues its expansion through the Maghreb with the installation of new OPTIMA® equipment in kilns of various ceramic plants. The important energy savings achieved have been fundamental to expand in this great market. Merci per voutre confiance!

MARAZZI relies on OXYCOMB Sistemas again.   


GRUPO MARAZZI, belonging to the multinational Mohawk Industries, a multinational present in more than 100 countries with production centers in the USA, France, Italy, Russia, China and Spain, has just assembled a new OPTIMA® System in another ceramic kiln in one of its plants of Spain. After the good results harvested in the first kiln installed with a control system of %O2 and pressure, MARAZZI relies on our equipment again. OXYCOMB Sistemas is expecting this to be ...

OXYCOMB Sistemas will visit the International Fair CERAMITEC   


OXYCOMB Sistemas will be present in the international fair CERAMITEC which takes place between the 10th and the 13th of April in the city of Munich, Germany. CERAMITEC, exposes triennially the latest developments in machinery, equipment, systems, processes and raw materials for ceramics and powder metallurgy. It shows the latest trends and innovations in the market and, of course, OXYCOMB Sistemas will attend that appointment.

100% success in granting the assistance presented in the field of energy savings and energy efficiency of IVACE 2017   


All projects submitted by our Clients during the year 2017, for which IVACE assistance was requested for the installation of our OPTIMA ® continuous control and analysis systems, have received confirmation of their concession. This has been a 100% success regarding the requests presented at the beginning of the year and an important incentive for our Clients. OXYCOMB Sistemas collaborates with all its Clients to present such assistance. Call us!

OXYCOMB Sistemas on the verge of winning the “Alfa de Oro” again - CEVISAMA 2018   


OXYCOMB Sistemas became finalist twice in a row at the “Alfa de Oro” awards recently granted in its 42ª edition during the last international ceramic tile fair “Cevisama 2018”. Despite not being finally awarded, just the fact OPTIMA ® project has been again nominated among an innumerable amount of proposals, it makes us very proud and motivates us to keep working, innovating and improving the quality of our products and services to optimize the combustion ...

Oxygen and pressure control in a porcelain stoneware ceramic kiln   


TODAGRES, a pioneer and specialized company in the manufacturing, distribution and sale of technical stoneware pavements bets for the OXYCOMB Sistemas technological solutions to carry out the continuous oxygen control in its productive process. With the oxygen monitoring it is expected to improve the quality standards while lowering the production energy-costs simultaneously. This allows TODAGRES to enhance their product as well as reinforce its environmental policy. Therefore, OXYCOMB Sistemas thanks TODAGRES the trust placed in us.

OXYCOMB Sistemas also measures, analyzes and controls double-firing ceramic kilns   


APAVISA, a leading marketing and producer of high quality technical tiles, bets for the OXYCOMB Sistemas technological solutions for the continuous oxygen control in its productive process. With these enhancements, it is expected to improve the quality and lower the production costs simultaneously. This will allow APAVISA to reach new quality levels at the same time that reinforces its strong environmental policy. Therefore, OXYCOMB Sistemas thanks APAVISA the confidence placed.

OXYCOMB Sistemas will be present in CEVISAMA 2018   


OXYCOMB Sistemas will be attending one more year to CEVISAMA 2018, the International reference trade fair for Ceramic Tile, Brick, Glazes, Frits and Machinery that will be held in Valencia from 5 to 9 February.

We will be delighted to meet you in our stand with all our team at (N2 – P6 – F174) and introduce all our novelties among which is the new monitoring and measurement retransmission unit, the DATATRACKER ® .

We ...

Itaca - Esmalglass Grupo repeats and opts for control oxygen in more calcination furnaces   


ITACA – ESMALGLASS Grupo, the ceramic frits, glazes and stains world leading company, puts its trust again on the OXYCOMB Sistemas equipment technology for the combustion atmosphere continuous monitoring on one of their new kilns.

OXYCOMB Sistemas thanks ITACA – ESMALGLASS the confidence placed in us.

TUBOS REUNIDOS optimishes their kilns's combustion with OXYCOMB Sistemas   


Last April, TUBOS REUNIDOS and OXYCOMB Sistemas reached an agreement for the installation of oxygen probes on another of their heat treatment kilns.

Doubtlessly, the proper results obtained till now have convinced TUBOS REUNIDOS about the suitability of doing new installations.

OXYCOMB Sistemas loves taking part in our customer’s process improvements.

New OPTIMA oxygen control equipment for Barbieri & Tarozzi’s Titanium kilns   


OXYCOMB Sistemas delivers a new order of %O2 and pressure continuous monitoring equipment to Barbieri & Tarozzi to install on their new Titanium series kilns.

Barbieri & Tarozzi illustrates with the installation of the OPTIMA ® continuous monitoring equipment on their newer kilns the importance of optimizing and adjusting the ceramic cooking process thoroughly.

CODICER95 repeats by installing a brand new Sistema OPTIMA in another kiln   


Again, after relying in 2015 on the OXYCOMB Sistemas technical solutions for continuous oxygen monitoring in one of their kilns, CODICER95 bets once more for the Sistema OPTIMA ® on another kiln.

OXYCOMB Sistemas feels happy and proud to see how its customers, satisfied with the obtained results and relying in our technical department during all this time, repeat with us through a new installation on another kiln.

OXYCOMB continues its expansion in the Italian market   


OXYCOMB Sistemas, following its export and international expansion, mightily lands in Italy through the installation of a new Sistema OPTIMA ® at Antica Ceramica Rubiera, a large porcelain stoneware producer.

OXYCOMB Sistemas, as technology export company and energy advisor-consultant, proceeds with its strong commitment on giving service wherever it‘s required. No matter where it has to be controlled, what matters is how!

OXYCOMB Sistemas continues to open new markets   


A Portuguese company, metal heat treatment leading producer, signs a major deal with OXYCOMB Sistemas for oxygen probes provisioning. With the continuous oxygen monitoring in controlled environment furnaces for heat treatment, our Client expects to improve their products quality for strengthening its lead position.

In OXYCOMB Sistemas we continue to grow and betting for export. We thank them the trust placed in our technological solutions.

OXYCOMB Sistemas signs an important deal with UBE   


OXYCOMB Sistemas signs an important deal with UBE a reference corporate group in the production of value added chemical products and sustainable technological solutions creation sectors for the oxygen control in two emitting sources.

With this agreement OXYCOMB Sistemas reinforces its wager for diversification, proving their products and services versatility.

OXYCOMB Sistemas – North of Africa   


OXYCOMB Sistemas, following its export and international expansion, begins its activity in North Africa with the installation of new OPTIMA® equipments in multiple ceramic kilns along our neighbor Morocco.

The goal of these new installations is to stabilize the product quality and to achieve remarkable productive saves in energy terms as well.

Thank you for your confidence!

COVERINGS International Fair   


The COVERINGS International Fair annually awards the "Installation and Design Awards for Coverings" that reward the design and use of ceramic pieces. For the fourth consecutive year, projects with the label of Tile of Spain are the protagonists of these COVERINGS awards.

Thanks to our OPTIMA System the companies in the ceramic sector can improve their combustion process and the quality of their final product.

A second Sistema OPTIMA for oxygen control is installed at OSET   


By the last year’s end OXYCOMB Sistemas closed the deal for the installation of a combustion atmosphere control system on one of the SITI ceramic furnaces at José Oset & Cia. With this second Sistema OPTIMA ® implementation the customer expects to reach further results in regarding to the first kiln.

Oxygen, pressure and continuous temperature control have become indispensable for our customers when tuning up kilns.

GRUPO HALCÓN puts their trust in the OXYCOMB Sistemas equipment once again   


This time our Sistema OPTIMA ® will be installed on two of the kilns located in the ONICE factory.

GRUPO HALCÓN trusts in our systems since 2014 due to the great results obtained by our equipment in the multiple ceramic kilns located along their several production plants.

From OXYCOMB Sistemas we want to thank GRUPO HALCÓN by the confidence placed in our equipment and energetic advisory service.

TEMPRA, an Italian company belonging to Gambini group has chosen our Sistema OPTIMA for energy efficiency and saving in one of their ceramic kilns   


TEMPRA, an Italian company belonging to Gambini group bets for saving and energy efficiency by installing our Sistema OPTIMA ® in one of their SACMI ceramic kilns.

OXYCOMB Sistemas is deeply proud of the trust that a renowned company like TEMPRA has put on us for their great energy saving project. With the gas burners replacement and the oxygen and pressure measurement system they expect to reach energy savings beyond 12%.

With this installation OXYCOMB ...

OXYCOMB Sistemas signs the installation of OPTIMA® Systems in 6 new cremation kilns   


With the beginning of 2017, OXYCOMB Sistemas has managed the agreement for the installation of atmosphere control systems in another 6 new cremation kilns.

With these 6 OPTIMA ® Systems, OXYCOMB Sistemas strengthen in the incineration / cremation sector.

MARAZZI is committed to the oxygen control in one of its roller kilns   


MARAZZI, an international leader in the ceramic flooring and pavement sector, installed last December an OPTIMA ® System in one of its kilns at Castellón (Spain).

With this installation, MARAZZI intends to carry out an exhaustive control of the firing process in order to achieve with quality standards and to improve energy efficiency.

OXYCOMB Sistemas hopes this is the beginning of a close collaboration with MARAZZI GROUP.

OXYCOMB Sistemas begins its journey in extrusion ceramic kilns   


After becoming a national reference in the control of combustion atmospheres in ceramic kilns for pressed product (tilling), OXYCOMB Sistemas begins to work in the control of atmospheres in kilns for extruded product.

Last December, an OPTIMA ® System was installed for the %O2, pressure and temperature control at one kiln of EXAGRES, VERSATILE group.

The dimensions, thicknesses and characteristics of extruded products make necessary to continuously control the combustion atmosphere for both quality and ...

OXYCOMB Sistemas has sealed an agreement to install a new OPTIMA® System in an incineration furnace in Panama   


OXYCOMB Sistemas has recently reached an agreement to supply and install an atmosphere control system in an incineration furnace for solid urban waste in Panama.

With this installation, OXYCOMB Sistemas continues its expansion throughout the Americas.

New OPTIMA® Systems are installed in two SACMI kilns in EQUIPE Cerámicas   


OXYCOMB Sistemas has recently installed two new OPTIMA ® Systems to control %O2 and pressure in both Sacmi kilns. With this installation, there are already 3 kilns equipped with atmosphere control in EQUIPE Cerámicas.

Great results obtained in the kiln No.4 both qualitatively and energetically have made the company has decided to install the OPTIMA® System in these two additional kilns.

EQUIPE Cerámicas continues trusting our OPTIMA ® analyzers and this encourages us to go ...

OXYCOMB SISTEMAS S. L. is pleased to invite you to visit its stand D1 - 188 at TECNARGILLA 2016   


Tecnargilla is the world's most important international showcase of technological innovation and aesthetics for the ceramic and brick industries.

We are happy to welcome you to our stand and present our collection and novelties in Rimini from 26th-30th September 2016.

OXYCOMB Sistemas Levante moves to another office   


The Levante delegation of OXYCOMB Sistemas moved last June to a new office. We hope these larger facilities allow us to offer, if possible, better service and a closer attention to our Customers.

The new office is located in the same building as the previous one. The address is:

C/ María Rosa Molas, 40 – B5

12004 Castellón

We are glad to grow with you!

Victory in the IV Paddle Tennis Tournament of the Ceramic Sector   


The brave team made up of employees of the Levant local office of OXYCOMB Sistemas took part recently in the IV Paddle Tennis Tournament of the Ceramic Sector organised by ATC and GRUPO TORRECID.

After a tough battle with the other teams, OXYCOMB finally won the championship trophy in the Bronze Category.

We feel proud of our team and encourage them to keep participating in further editions. OXYCOMB is on fire!

New OPTIMA System in a SACMI EKO kiln   


OXYCOMB Sistemas has recently installed the OPTIMA® System to control %O2 and pressure in the brand new EKO kiln that was installed in the plant of COLORKER. Including this system, there are already three kilns equipped with atmosphere control in COLORKER.

The results obtained in the two previous kilns regarding quality improvement and energy savings have made essential the installation of the OPTIMA® System in the latest EKO kiln.

From OXYCOMB Sistemas we want to ...

CICOGRES installs a new OPTIMA System in another of its kilns   


Only 9 months after the installation of the first OPTIMA System, CICOGRES puts its trust again in OXYCOMB Sistemas equipment.

Doubtlessly, the excellent results obtained during the last months in quality improving and consumption reduction have convinced CICOGRES to invest one more time in combustion atmosphere control.

OXYCOMB Sistemas would like to thank CICOGRES for trusting in our work and in our energy consultancy tasks.

HERMANOS LLANSOLA opts for oxygen control in a ceramic bisque kiln   


HERMANOS LLANSOLA, S.L., a company specialized in manufacturing of ceramic bisque and special parts, has just set up the oxygen and pressure control in one of its kilns.

With a long tradition in ceramic industry since 1912, HERMANOS LLANSOLA chooses the atmosphere control so as to improve in product quality and energy saving. This demonstrates that tradition and technology must walk hand in hand.

Grupo HALCÓN confirms the installation of OPTIMA System in two new kilns   


Having met expectations in the previous furnaces and having far exceeded the savings guaranteed by OXYCOMB Sistemas, GRUPO HALCÓN recently closed the installation of two additional OPTIMA ® XA Systems for control of %O2, pressure and temperature in two kilns.

With these two pieces of equipment, there are 5 kilns already equipped with our control systems. In addition, an agreement for installing the system in a sixth kiln has been already signed. GRUPO HALCÓN knows ...

OXYCOMB Sistemas appears in Técnica Cerámica magazine   


No. 429 of Técnica Cerámica magazine collected the participation of OXYCOMB Sistemas as an exhibitor at CEVISAMA 2016 in the special report devoted to this fair.

OXYCOMB Sistemas showed its latest developments regarding the control of combustion processes, especially the OPTIMA ® System, and looked after all visitors interested in this innovative technology.

OXYCOMB Sistemas was a finalist in recent Alfa de Oro Awards   


OXYCOMB Sistemas was recently a finalist in the Alfa de Oro Awards presented in CEVISAMA 2016. Despite not being awarded, the election of our project among a countless number of outstanding proposals makes us feel proud and encourages us to keep on working and innovating to improve your combustion process. Thank you so much, especially to all our customers.

Cevisama 2016   


OXYCOMB Sistemas appreciates the interest shown to all visitors who came to the stand to find out the innovations presented during the last edition of CEVISAMA 2016. We are very pleased to see the great reception that took our new proposals and and we promise to do our best for the next edition in two years, in which we will surely expose new projects.

EQUIPE CERÁMICAS decides to install the OPTIMA® system   


EQUIPE CERÁMICAS, leading company in the small format sector, is adapting to changing times by installing the OPTIMA ® system for continuous control of oxygen, pressure and temperature in one of its furnaces. EQUIPE CERÁMICAS expects to have excellent energy savings in the kiln thanks to OXYCOMB Sistemas service and the new system introduced.

New orders for oxygen measurement equipment for crematories   


OXYCOMB Sistemas has just received several orders to install four %O2 and pressure control systems for incinerators. OXYCOMB Sistemas has established itself as the nationwide leading manufacturer of equipment for continuous monitoring of %O2, temperature and static pressure of combustion gases in furnaces and boilers belonging to industrial cremation and incineration sector

COMPACGLASS bets again on oxygen and pressure control in its new double-channel Barbieri & Tarozzi kiln   


October 2015 After getting good results in the single-channel kiln, COMPACGLASS has decided to install another OPTIMA ® system for controlling the combustion in the new double-channel B&T kiln. With this installation, COMPACGLASS – GRUPO PAMESA shows once again its true and determined commitment to energy saving and efficiency in its kilns

GRESITEC optimizes the firing process in one of its kilns   


Excellent references received from neighbouring companies on the use and results obtained with OPTIMA ® XA system, have enabled GRESITEC has made the decision to control the combustion atmosphere in one of its kilns. With the installed equipment and technical advice from OXYCOMB Sistemas, we expect GRESITEC to improve the energy efficiency of its furnace.

New equipment installed in CICOGRES plant   


August 2015 True to its principles of continuous development, CICOGRES will use from now on the OPTIMA ® XA technology in one of its furnaces to improve energy efficiency and product quality. We expect that CICOGRES gets excellent results in a short period of time

HALCÓN Cerámicas opts again for OXYCOMB Sistemas   


July 2015 After 9 months from the installation of the OPTIMA ® XA system in one of its kilns, and having obtained excellent results in reducing consumption and improving quality, HALCÓN Cerámicas has ordered new equipment to OXYCOMB. In OXYCOMB Sistemas we are convinced that the customer will get back to optimize the firing process with the new system installed. There are many expectations and OXYCOMB Sistemas hopes to meet them in the same way as the ...

New order for cremation sector   


July 2015 OXYCOMB Sistemas has just received a major order for the installation of three systems for controlling continuously %O2 and pressure in two crematory ovens. With this order OXYCOMB Sistemas is positioned as the nationwide leading manufacturer of equipment for continuous monitoring of %O2, temperature and static pressure of combustion gases in furnaces and boilers belonging to industrial cremation and incineration sector

AZTECA focuses on increasing energy efficiency in furnaces   


May 2015 AZTECA Cerámica, true to its principles, continues with the modernization of their production process. Under the premise of continuous energy and quality improvement, AZTECA has decided to innovate and continuously measure the combustion atmosphere in one of their furnaces for floor and wall tiles. Because of this, the goal is clear: saving + quality”.

AZULEJOS ALCOR bets on energy saving walking hand in hand with OXICOMB Sistemas   


April 2015 OXYCOMB Sistemas installed a new OPTIMA ® XA system for continuous monitoring of %O2, temperature and pressure in one kiln in AZULEJOS ALCOR. ALCOR, which has based its business development on the use of the highest industrial technology, takes a step forward. The goals are quality improvement and increasing energy savings through measurement, analysis and control of the process

CEVICA joins the bandwagon of savings installing the OPTIMA® XA system   


March 2015 CEVICA, specialized in the manufacture of small-format ceramics, edgings and special pieces has decided to bet on continuous monitoring of the combustion atmosphere in their furnaces with the clear objective to reduce specific fuel consumption and improve the quality of the final product

New OPTIMA® system installed in HALCÓN Cerámicas   


November 2014 OXYCOMB Sistemas continues its expansion as energy consultant and equipment supplier for analysis and control of combustion atmospheres within the ceramic tile manufacturers sector. HALCÓN Cerámicas acquired a piece of equipment by the end of the year for one of its furnaces. The goal is to optimize the firing process a bit more. There are many expectations and from OXYCOMB Sistemas we hope to more than fulfill the trust placed in our equipment and technicians

New OPTIMA® XA-P system installed in LA PLATERA   


October 2014 OXCOMB continues its expansion in the ceramic tiles sector by installing an OPTIMA ® system for atmosphere control last October in one kiln of LA PLATERA. The savings target set by OXYCOMB Sistemas in this facility is ambitious and has become an exciting technical challenge. Although the kiln already had an optimum control and extremely low specific consumptions, OXYCOMB Sistemas expects to adjust and improve that regulation in order to reach the minimum savings goal ...

EL BARCO Azulejos Cerámicos invests in a system for continuous monitoring of oxygen and pressure for one of its kilns   


October 2014 After long negotiations with EL BARCO Azulejos Cerámicos, OXYCOMB Sistems gets involved in a new project of energy saving and efficiency with the installation of the first OPTIMA ® XA system in this Client. OXYCOMB Sistemas appreciates the trust placed by EL BARCO in our equipment and technicians

TORRECID bets on further control in its frit furnaces   


Last October, OXYCOMB Sistemas served a new OPTIMA ® XFR system to TORRECID for one of its plants. This new installation will allow TORRECID to control pressure and oxidation levels of the combustion atmosphere within its frit furnaces. The fact is that atmosphere control is synonymous with quality + savings

OXYCOMB Sistemas equipment for continuous monitoring of %O2, temperature and pressure are compatible with the requirements imposed on the IPPC for self-monitoring measures in chimney   


Environmental legislation promoted by central, regional and municipal governments to protect the environment from polluting air emissions, have made possible OXYCOMB Systems stands as a leader in the manufacture and installation of control and continuous analysis of combustion gases equipment OPTIMA ® and BLUESKY ® analyzers for oxygen, temperature and pressure are the most appropriate technology to meet the requirements of the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC). With this equipment, internal self-control measures on emission ...

The big savings obtained with the OPTIMA® XA system previously installed have driven COLORKER PORCELANICO to install new equipment in another kiln   


Just three months after the first installation, COLORKER has decided to install a second OPTIMA® system in another of its kilns. The decision has come about because of the important energy savings almost immediately obtained in the first kiln. In addition, with the continuous control of %O2 and pressure, Client can do a tighter quality control

CODICER95 installs the OPTIMA® XA-P system in one of its kilns   


The great efforts being made by CODICER95 in reducing specific fuel consumption have led them to bet firmly on the installation of OPTIMA ® system in one of its kilns. The high competitiveness of the current ceramic market demands any tile company to improve product quality and energy efficiency performing control measures such as the analysis of the combustion atmosphere in furnaces. With such measures, firing process can be optimized and it is possible to regulate ...

COLORKER opts for the continuous monitoring of oxygen and pressure in one of its ceramic furnaces   


OXYCOMB Sistemas finally closed a deal with COLORKER for OPTIMA ® XA installation in one of its ceramic furnaces. COLORKER expects such control allows them to achieve significant energy savings in a short space of time as well as high product quality with different production conditions

COMPACGLASS joins the energy savings with the installation of the OPTIMA® XA system in one of its furnaces   


With the installation of the OPTIMA ® XA system for continuous monitoring of %O2 and pressure in one of its furnaces, COMPACGLASS firmly commits to energy efficiency and cost control. COMPACGLASS hopes to repeat the excellent saving data achieved in PAMESA

OXYCOMB Sistemas surpasses the figure of 50 ceramic furnaces equipped with the OPTIMA® XA system   


Last February, with the last two installations in the ceramics sector, OXYCOMB Sistemas reached 50 furnaces equipped with control systems and continuous monitoring of combustion atmospheres. OXYCOMB Sistemas greatly thanks all its customers to have reached this figure and promises to keep on working hard so that together we continue optimizing ceramic firing processes, reducing production costs and improving energy efficiency. All this with a fundamental premise, maintain and improve the quality of the final ...

PAMESA Cerámica installs a new OPTIMA® system to control oxygen, temperature and pressure   


PAMESA Cerámica continues to bet on energy saving and efficiency in its kilns. Excellent results obtained in the 3 adjacent furnaces have confirmed the need to continue pushing for control of the combustion atmosphere in order to optimize the process, lowering gas consumption and improving product quality. With the implementation of the fourth OPTIMA ® system and the technical advice from OXYCOMB Sistemas, PAMESA Cerámicas expects to achieve similar or even better results to those already obtained ...

OXYCOMB Sistemas launches new BLUESKY® analyzers for continuous measurement of %O2 and temperature in channeled emission sources   


OXYCOMB Sistemas launches the first analyzer entirely developed and manufactured nationwide to be able to measure continuously and in situ %O2, temperature and CO2 in channeled emission sources at temperatures below 450oC. The growing concern of society to protect the environment of polluting air emissions, and the increasingly demanding environmental legislation enabled OXYCOMB to start a new innovative project for developing a new type of analyzer that had to give solution to the lack of alternatives ...

OXYCOMB Systems has established itself as a supplier of equipment for the control of oxygen in grain drying   


Last November, OXYCOMB Sistemas installed a new OPTIMA ® System in a grain dryer located in the south of France. With the continuous measurement of %O2, static pressure and temperature, our Client can optimize the combustion inside the boiler by regulating the fuel/oxidizer ratio. In addition, the system allows you to adjust the oxidation levels of the combustion atmosphere to the limits set by law

Cerámica RIBESALBES reaches an agreement with OXYCOMB Sistemas for controlling the combustión atmosphere in its double-channel kiln   


The firm commitment to continuous improvement within the ceramic firing process has made Cerámicas RIBESALBES choose OXYCOMB Sistemas as a technological partner for the optimization of combustion in its double-channel kiln. The previous detailed study of the levels of oxygen, pressure and temperature in the firing-cooling zone carried out by OXYCOMB Sistemas definitely convinced Cerámica RIBESALBES to install the OPTIMA® system. With OPTIMA ® XA analyzers for oxygen and pressure now installed, our Client seeks to ...

OXYCOMB Sistemas obteins a new order from TUBOS REUNIDOS S.A.   


Our forecasts of important entry in the metallurgical sector are confirmed by the obtaining of a new order for our client TUBOS REUNIDOS S.A. for the control of the atmosphere in his reduction furnace.

OXYCOMB Sistemas Launches New Webpage   


OXYCOMB Sistemas has launched its new webpage. The new site is quicker, more dynamic and more user friendly. Its goal is to optimise information searches on our wide range of products and the huge diversity of their applications.

A more functional and up-to-date design has been devised to make it easier to access the content of most interest. Its main advantages include the possibility of professionals being able to quickly access products classified according to ...

Energy Efficiency and Savings in Cerámicas FANAL: Installation of the OPTIMA XA System   


Journal: Técnica Cerámica Nº 391 (June 2011)

Cerámicas FANAL, a nationally and internationally renowned company in the ceramic floor tile manufacturing sector, has chosen the OPTIMA System of OXYCOMB Sistemas.

The current environment of constant increases in the price of fuels, the application of measures aimed at reducing emissions of CO2 and NOx, and greater demands in regard to production qualities, led Cerámicas FANAL to install an OPTIMA System in one of its ovens halfway ...