The concept of Industry 4.0 corresponds to a new methodology of organizing the means of production. The objective to be achieved is the implementation of a large number of "smart factories" capable of obtaining greater adaptability to the needs and production processes, as well as increasing the quantity and quality of production with a much lower cost, energy saving and being more energetically efficient. With this new concept, the control, analysis and the optimization of the energy consumption of the consuming machines, must be present at all times in the company’s adaptation to the industry 4.0. OXYCOMB Sistemas thanks to the technology of its equipments, its knowledge in the combustion industry and its working method ensures that all its customers can get fully into the industry 4.0.

But, how do they achieve it?

1- Installation and adaptation of the equipment: We install our OPTIMA® analysis and control systems and adapt them to the furnaces / boilers and the resources available to the client. We implement our technology that allows the reduction of the thermal consumption according to the needs of the process improving the quality of the product and reducing polluting emissions.

2- Data acquisition: this step is essential, we continuously monitor all the data captured by our equipment (oxygen, temperature, pressure, CO, CO2, particles, etc.) since they affect significantly the values of energy consumption and the quality of the final product.

3- Data processing: With the obtained information we can carry out a study and analyze the data for a better understanding and interpretation that leads to a better efficiency and optimization of the resources as well as a control and / or improvement of the products’ quality.

4-Decision making (Energy consultancy): the actions to be taken are decided based on the results, diagnoses and the application of artificial intelligence by means of control algorithms that are applied in real time through control loops and are aimed at seek the optimization of energy consumption, emission reduction and quality control.

Definitely, industry 4.0 is present and future, and sooner or later all companies will be forced to adapt their equipment and methodologies to achieve optimal results and to make more efficient use of the available resources. In addition, governments are beginning to regulate laws to make it so.

Do not stay behind and get on the 4.0 train with OXYCOMB Sistemas!