GHI Smart furnaces relies on OXYCOMB Systems for the control of atmospheres in one of their projects for an important heat treater of the Basque Country


GHI, one of the most important engineering companies in the metal heat treatment sector, relies on OXYCOMB Sistemas for the measurement and control of atmospheres in one of its furnaces for an important heat treater in the Basque Country, NIVAC.

NIVAC, which belongs to the IMESAZA group, will have an OPTIMA® System in its furnace through which it will be able to control the carbon potential in its steel heat treatment process. Thanks to the OPTIMA® System, NIVAC will be able to guarantee the quality of its products as well as reduce gas consumption by making the most optimal use of energy.

From OXYCOMB Sistemas we hope that this is the beginning of a close collaboration with GHI Smart furnaces.