MFS SINTERING & OXYCOMB Sistemas reach an agreement for the installation of a BLUESKY® System in one of its sintering furnaces


MFS SINTERING, a company dedicated to the manufacture of sintered parts from metallic powder and different additives, has recently installed a BLUESKY® System to control the atmosphere of one of its furnaces.

With our BLUESKY® analyzers, MFS Sintering will be able to measure the atmosphere of its sintering furnace and, thanks to our software and through a monitoring screen, they will visualize in real time the influential variables in its process and thus be able to make tests to improve the quality of their products while improving in terms of energy efficiency.

In OXYCOMB Sistemas we are experts in the control of industrial combustion atmospheres and we want to be present in any type of process to offer our customers an improvement in the quality of their products while being more energy efficient making responsible use of resources available which translates into economic savings and better preservation of the environment.