GRUPO RIZA lays on our OPTIMA® XTT System to control the atmosphere of its treatment furnaces.


Grupo Riza is an important group in the metallurgical sector of Euskadi with extensive experience in forging, heavy boilermaking and heat treatment.

At present, the importance of thermal and thermochemical treatments in the metallurgy sector as well as the demanded quality is increasing. Grupo Riza, in order to guarantee the best quality for its products, trusts in OXYCOMB Sistemas to control its heat treatment process and thereby be able to meet the demands of its customers.

With our OPTIMA® XTT System, Grupo Riza will be able to control the atmospheres of its heat treatment furnaces by measuring continuously and in situ the values of carbon potential through our analyzers whose operating principle is based on the zirconium oxide cell.

Thanks to the fact that our system is not extractive, Grupo Riza will be able to know at all times the influential variables in its process, thus being able to control the atmosphere in a thorough way to improve the quality of its products and so reinforce its leading position while distancing itself of its competitors.