MULTICERAME installs another OPTIMA® System for the last of its kilns

With this installation, the 5th in a row, MULTICERAME completes its global energy saving project in all of its furnaces. This time has been the turn of its special piece kiln with which, in addition to obtaining significant energy savings, it will be able to control the product quality, something fundamental for this type of product.

The agreement between MULTICERAME and OXYCOMB Sistemas was closed, once again, through our partner GRINS which gives us coverage in the North African countries.

From OXYCOMB Sistemas we will continue to offer more savings measures and in the near future we will propose the installation of more control systems in other places of the production process of this plant.

We can only thank MULTICERAME for their trust in OXYCOMB Sistemas and we are sure the great relationship between the two companies will last over time.