SOMOCER and OXYCOMB Sistemas strengthen their ties thanks to the collaboration of GRINS


SOMOCER, an important tile company from Tunisia, recently reached an agreement with OXYCOMB Sistemas through its partner GRINS for the installation of the OPTIMA® System in another 3 of its kilns.

With this installation, SOMOCER has now 5 kilns with the OPTIMA® System which, together with the installation of the highly efficient burners by the Italian firm ANCORA from SITI & BT Group, is achieving gas savings of over 14%.

In addition to the good results that are being obtained in terms of energy savings, SOMOCER is also being able to maintain, and even improve, the quality of its products.

Thanks to the good harvest of results, the tunisian company is very satisfied with the performance of our equipment and from OXYCOMB Sistemas we wish, and we hope, that the relationship between the two companies will continue and narrow over time with more projects.

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