External energy consulting service (SCE)


At Oxycomb Sistemas, in addition to the sale, installation and maintenance of our equipments, we also offer an energy consulting service to support our clients with the aim of optimizing the combustion process and consolidating the savings obtained.

There are 3 types: basic, intermediate and complete depending on the periodicity. It includes:

• Periodic monthly/ biweekly / weekly visits for the analysis and interpretation of the data provided by the OPTIMA® System. (Oxidation and pressure levels). • Review of the production carried out in the furnace during the time between visits, as well as study of the temperature curves and furnace gas inlets and outlets for each type of product, format, thickness and type of enamel. • Proposal for maneuvers for an optimized regulation of the furnace in its various fields (gas inlet and outlet fans, air and gas pressures in burners, gap management, energy balances, etc.). The maneuvers will guarantee the consolidation of savings in the short and / or continuous improvement in the medium and long term. • Preventive maintenance of the OPTIMA® System. This comprises: o Annual certification of the equipment. o Routine visits of our SAT to review the OPTIMA® System on post- stop dates.

If you are interested in hiring any of the modalities of our SCE, do not hesitate to contact our commercial department.