ADITEK installs an OPTIMA® XT probe in your heat treatment furnace.


ADITEK, a company specializing in surface, stabilized, normalized heat treatments ... will control the atmosphere of its quenching and tempering furnace for finished parts thanks to the installation of one of our OPTIMA® XT probes.

With this new installation, OXYCOMB Sistemas establishes itself as a leader in the supply of probes for the measurement of carbon potential in the area of the Basque Country. Our client portfolio in the sector is increasing and it is because each time more and more treatment professionals are placing their trust in our equipments.

If you are interested in controlling the atmosphere in your kiln, our OPTIMA® System offers you a guarantee of energy savings and quality control of your products. If you wish to receive more information about our equipments, do not hesitate to contact our sales department or consult our website .