AGC installs an OPTMA® System in one of its glass furnaces at the Bor plant (Russia)


OXYCOMB Sistemas crosses new frontiers to land in Bor (Russia) thanks to the trust placed in our equipment and services by the prestigious manufacturer AGC, a world leader in the manufacture of flat glass.

The new OPTIMA® System installed in the transverse flame regenerative furnace will measure oxygen and temperature in the regenerative chambers where the measurement is essential to optimize the overall performance of the fusion process, in addition to guaranteeing a defined oxidizing atmosphere that allows to control the quality of the glass. This prevents the appearance of defects such as bubbling, infused, unburned, etc. and the existence of high concentrations of CO is prevented, as well as possible structural damage in the refractory of the furnace.

There are many companies that rely on the technology and experience of OXYCOMB Sistemas in the control of combustion atmospheres in furnaces and boilers and our technical team works hard day after day to offer its customers the best solution in aspects of energy efficiency and control of the quality.

Consult with our commercial team and they will offer you the best solution to control your combustion atmosphere.