PLANOMYR is committed to energy efficiency with SITI-B&T and OXYCOMB Sistemas


The ceramic tile company from Alcora PLANOMYR S.L. installs an OPTIMA® System to control the combustion atmosphere in one of its wall tile ceramic kilns. In addition to this installation, PLANOMYR also opted to assemble the new Vulcan burners from Ancora (SITI B&T) in a joint operation with OXYCOMB Sistemas that will guarantee gas savings of up to 2 digits.

Nowadays, more and more companies choose to reduce the consumption of natural resources without limiting their production and guaranteeing the quality of their products. OXYCOMB Sistemas, thanks to its extensive experience in the sector, guarantees its customers savings on gas bills with the installation of its systems in kilns and dryers with payback periods of less than 12 months.

Energy saving, quality control and reduction in atmospheric emissions are the main objectives that you will be able to achieve by installing the OPTIMA® System. We will study your case, we will offer you the best deal and we will commit ourselves by contract to meet the objectives set.

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