CERMER puts itself in the hands of OXYCOMB Sistemas to optimize its production process


Cerámicas Meridiano (CERMER), once again relies on OXYCOMB Sistemas to reduce the energy consumption of its production plant, this time by installing new inverters in its ceramic roller kiln which will reduce electrical production costs. In addition, this will facilitate the regulation of the furnace to improve combustion and thus also reduce costs in natural gas.

In the current market where energy prices have skyrocketed, reducing energy consumption is even more important and that is why Cermer will obtain with this new installation great savings both in electricity and gas in an investment with a lower return than 15 months.

At OXYCOMB Sistemas we are committed to the environment and we want to offer our clients the best alternative to optimize the combustion processes of their furnaces, boilers or dryers.

If you want to obtain great savings contact our commercial department where we will advise you to guarantee the best option for your specific case.

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