OPTIMA® System – Kiln regulation improvement. Goodbye to instabilities.


In spite of one the main problems faced by ceramic kilns is the instability generated in the area of the burners when there are changes in recipes or gaps, these instabilities also sometimes occur in a full kiln when it should not occur. This is due to a poor adjustment of the furnace and it is difficult to correct if the oxygen and pressure values of the combustion atmosphere are not known.

The OPTIMA ® System allows our clients to know in real time, and 'in situ', the O2% and/or pressure (among other variables) of the atmosphere. Thanks to this information, the operators can identify and correct the anomalies present in the furnace, giving it stability and improving the quality of their products (PID's in temperature regulators, modulators or inverters).

In addition, knowing the optimal oxygen and pressure values in each firing zone can improve the energy performance of the kiln by adjusting these values to the máximum, obtaining direct savings in gas. On the other hand, as a consequence of a better stability of the furnace, its life is increased, which also translates into savings in maintenance costs.

With one of our systems, you will be able to analyze, measure, control and improve the combustion of the atmosphere in your kiln, obtaining considerable energy savings while controlling the quality of your products and reducing atmospheric emissions.

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