Aceros Inoxidables OLARRA installs its 2nd OPTIMA® System


The Biscayan manufacturer Aceros Inoxidables OLARRA is once again in the hands of OXYCOMB Sistemas to install a 2nd OPTIMA® System in another of its hot rolling furnaces.

With this new installation, OLARRA will be able to control the oxygen in its combustion atmosphere thanks to our OPTIMA® XT probes. The O2% and pressure control in the preheating, heating and equalization zones, will allow them to find the most appropriate setpoints for each product, carrying out the pertinent actions in the furnace in order to optimize combustion, both from the point of view of increased energy performance and improved final product quality, in addition to reducing emissions and furnace maintenance costs.

Every time more and more treaters are deciding to trust in the technology and experience of OXYCOMB Systems to control the atmosphere of their heat treatment and rolling furnaces, being more than 50 the installations carried out by our technical team.

If you want to improve the energy performance of your kiln and the quality of your products, do not hesitate to contact our sales department We will study your case and offer you the best possible option.

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