ASFALTIA is committed to energy efficiency and installs its first BLUESKY® System at its hot asphalt agglomerate manufacturing plant in Gallarta (Bizkaia).


ASFALTIA S.L. , belonging to the CAMPEZO group which has more than 80 years of experience in the sector, entrusts itself to OXYCOMB Systems to control atmospheric emissions and improve energy efficiency in one of its hot asphalt agglomerate manufacturing plants, specifically in Gallarta, Bizkaia.

The Bluesky® System will allow the client to control the levels of O2% and CO (mg/m3) of the hot gases, making the process cleaner and more efficient, in addition to complying with all current regulations on emissions.

Currently, governments are increasingly demanding in compliance with regulations, demanding that companies have a greater commitment to the environment. For this reason, OXYCOMB Systems offers equipment and advice to ensure that the established emission limit levels are not exceeded, as well as promoting the responsible use of raw materials, reducing costs, all without losing the quality of its customers' products and services.

If you need to measure, control and reduce your particulate emissions, as well as control the combustion of your production process, do not hesitate to contact our sales department and they will offer you the best solution for your specific case.