OXYCOMB installs 3 new OPTIMA® Systems in Portugal hand in hand with RECAMBICER


As part of its export and international expansion program, OXYCOMB Systemas lands strongly in our neighboring country Portugal with 3 new installations in 3 ceramic kiln plants through its partner RECAMBICER.

With these new installations, there are now 9 kilns that have our OPTIMA® Systems that will offer customers an improvement in product quality, as well as achieve significant production savings in energy and a reduction in atmospheric emissions.

Nowadays, with the scarcity of energy resources, it is even more important to produce more efficiently and that is why OXYCOMB Sistemas is committed to advising and helping companies optimize their production processes, obtaining great savings on their electricity bills gas while offering its customers a product with high quality standards.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to optimize any industrial combustion process, whether in kilns, dryers, boilers, etc. Contact our sales department ( and we will study your specific case to offer you the best solution without any commitment. OXYCOMB Systems, COMBUSTION CONTROL.