ATROESA controls the atmosphere of its cremation furnaces thanks to the OPTIMA® System


ATROESA, a pioneer company in Spain in the design, manufacture and maintenance of crematory furnaces, is committed to controlling the atmosphere of its furnaces thanks to our OPTIMA® System.

The best technique available for the control of organic contaminants (dioxins and furans) in a crematorium consists of ensuring a temperature in the post-combustion chamber of at least 850oC, a minimum residence time of the gases of 2 seconds for their perfect combustion and an oxygen level greater than 6%.

In this type of furnace, the generation of sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, NOx, CO, VOCs and a high level of particles is frequent as a consequence of combustion with insufficient or excess combustion air. It is essential to continuously monitor the %O2 levels in the gases in order to ensure an adequate supply of excess combustion air and avoid contamination problems resulting from faulty combustion.

That is why the Madrid company already has dozens of OPTIMA® analyzers to control its crematorium kilns, demonstrating the great reliability and efficiency of our equipment and establishing a close relationship between both companies.

Cremation, incineration, cooking, heat treatment... at OXYCOMB Sistemas we are capable of controlling any type of industrial combustion to help our clients to be more energy efficient and to be a little more environmentally responsible.