OXYCOMB::Journal: Técnica Cerámica Nº 391 (June 2011)
Journal: Técnica Cerámica Nº 391 (June 2011)

Energy Efficiency and Savings in Cerámicas FANAL: Installation of the OPTIMA XA System


Journal: Técnica Cerámica Nº 391 (June 2011)

Cerámicas FANAL, a nationally and internationally renowned company in the ceramic floor tile manufacturing sector, has chosen the OPTIMA System of OXYCOMB Sistemas.

The current environment of constant increases in the price of fuels, the application of measures aimed at reducing emissions of CO2 and NOx, and greater demands in regard to production qualities, led Cerámicas FANAL to install an OPTIMA System in one of its ovens halfway through 2010 in order to optimise the combustion and reduce energy costs.

12 months after installing the OPTIMA System, Justo Olivas (Technical Director) explains that “having analysed the results obtained, the rate of improvement in the energy performance obtained by Cerámicas FANAL has far exceeded initial expectations, and is somewhere between 3% and 13% depending on product types”. In addition, there are clear improvements in quality because “continuous monitoring of the Oxygen means we can perfectly define the degasification zone, which was difficult before when we had no kind of measurement”.