OXYCOMB Sistemas equipment for continuous monitoring of %O2, temperature and pressure are compatible with the requirements imposed on the IPPC for self-monitoring measures in chimney


Environmental legislation promoted by central, regional and municipal governments to protect the environment from polluting air emissions, have made possible OXYCOMB Systems stands as a leader in the manufacture and installation of control and continuous analysis of combustion gases equipment OPTIMA® and BLUESKY® analyzers for oxygen, temperature and pressure are the most appropriate technology to meet the requirements of the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC). With this equipment, internal self-control measures on emission sources are not a problem anymore. With the implementation of these analyzers, our Customers can continuously control the combustion atmosphere in their kilns or dryers, fully satisfying the requirements of the IPPC. It is no longer essential to measure the levels of %O2 and temperature in each emission source, but controlling the oxidation level in kilns and dryers is enough to obey the law. In other words, why do we have to measure in the chimney if we can do it within the furnace where combustion actually takes place? Indeed, with OXYCOMB Sistemas equipment our Customers have the solution to meet the IPPC and to be more efficient.