RAK Ceramics installs 2 new OPTIMA® Systems for its SACMI kilns.


RAK Ceramics, one of the largest ceramic producing companies in the world based in the United Arab Emirates, decides to install an OPTIMA® System in two of its ceramic tile kilns with the help of our partner Barbieri SITI B&T.

Thanks to the excellent results obtained with the acquisition of the first Optima® System installed in 2020, this Emirate multinational has once again trusted the technology and experience of OXYCOMB Systems to control the combustion atmospheres of its furnaces and thus obtain very good savings, while guaranteeing the quality of its products and reducing polluting emissions into the environment.

These new installations show the good relationship between both parties. After the consummation of this project, we wish to be able to continue collaborating with RAK to improve its production process and establish a business commitment that lasts over time.

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